A Green Dirt Farm original, Woolly Rind is Camembert-style cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk. It has a rustic edible white bloomy rind, which is sometimes mottled by tan, blue or orange marks, as the cheese ages. When young, Woolly Rind is firm and aromatic with flavours of grass and milk. With age, the aroma reminds us of a beautiful forest floor complemented by buttery, mushroomy flavours with hints of sweetness from the edible rind. At its peak, Woolly Rind becomes runny at room temperature.Wee Woolly, a petite version of the Woolly Rind offers all the flavour and goodness of the original, award-winning cheese. Woolly Rind was honoured at the American Cheese Society's 2010 annual competition for its exceptional flavour and quality.

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