Made of pasteurised cow’s milk, Ulloa is produced in Galicia, Northwestern Spain. It is available in both farmstead and industrial versions where the former ones are seldom sold, occasionally at local markets. Arzúa Ulloa is sometimes referred to as ‘Queso de Ulloa’, and ‘Queixo do Pays’, which means ‘cheese from the land’. This pale soft cheese is a bit creamy but becomes stronger if it ripens for a long time.  It has a smooth, waxy and pliable rind dotted with sporadic blue or white mould spots. The interior paste has a smooth velvety texture, and colours of ivory. The cheese tastes clear, lightly sweet and creamy similar to Tetilla. It is a perfect cheese as a dessert, and when melted on a toast it tastes amazing.


5 ratings

Cèlia Roca

2 months ago


2 months ago

Blandito y muy cremoso, con un sabor suave y agradable. Ideal para fundir.

Irina C

5 months ago

Light ivory colour. Soft texture. Rind not edible. Almost no smell. Buttery light mild taste. Creamy squishy texture melting in your mouth. From Ruta Xacobea Queixeria Artesanal

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