Tilsiter has a medium-firm texture with irregular holes or cracks. Commercially produced Tilsiter is made from pasteurized cow's milk, ranges from 30 to 60% milk fat, and has a dark yellow rind. After the main part of its production, the cheese needs to rest for an additional 2 months. Often flavoured with caraway seed and peppercorns, Tilsiter is a complement to hearty brown/rye breads and dark beers. It is a common table cheese, yet versatile. Tilsit can be eaten cubed in salads, melted in sauces, on potatoes, in flans, or on burgers. Using the reimported recipe, Tilsiter has been manufactured in Switzerland since 1893 and in Germany since 1920, where it is known as the protected brand Holsteiner Tilsiter.


4 ratings


21 days ago

3.7 stars. An unassuming hard cheese that reveals a lot of depth and punch. A delight to bite into. Could be great on burgers or melted on a sandwich or toast.


2 months ago

Similar to havarti but less creamy


6 months ago

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