Ticklemore is a pasteurized, semi-hard goat milk cheese produced in Devon, southwest England. It was earlier invented and made by Robin Congdon of Ticklemore Dairy. But later the procedure was simplified by Mark Sharman at nearby Sharpham Creamery. Ticklemore is a white rinded, firm-textured goat's cheese with a crumbly centre and a softer paste just below the rind. It is snowy white and delicate with small "eyes". The cheese is pressed flat by hand into a basket mould and shaped into a flattened sphere, almost resembling a flying saucer. It has a very rich and clean flavour, without the overpowering aroma of goat's cheeses, which makes it suitable for those suffering from allergies to cow's milk. The flavours are distinctive of grass and mushrooms, mild yet complex with fresh and milky tones. The cheese is a gold winner at the British Cheese Awards 2014, Taste of the West 2014 and Global Cheese Awards 2013.


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a year ago

Noriko Kikuchi

a year ago


2 years ago

Light and delicious with a smooth, velvety texture that melts on the tongue. Lovely lingering smoky aftertaste.

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