The ‘Harnett’ is made with Jersey milk from the Laugesen farm. A French inspired cheese often discussed as New Zealand’s ‘Epoisse’! Made by hand in the heart of Kaikoura. The Harnett’s are wiped with a light brine solution every second day to gain influence from the Local flora to create a unique local flavour. We let the seasons influence the character of the cheese gaining a lovely buttery texture in spring through to Autumn. Popcorn and Cauliflower at the height of summer and a Bacon/shed flavor towards the end of lactation. The cheese is also influenced by its age. At three weeks the cheese is mild with a lovely heart adding depth to the texture. At six weeks the cheese starts to ooze and all the flavor strengthens for a dramatic climax. A creamy texture a complete body will match what is available locally. Match with in-season fruits such as peaches or strawberries, nuts, breads and honeys.


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