Also sometimes known as Occelli al Barolo. Both dense and crisp at the same time when eaten with the rind. A fresh grape sweetness upfront gives way to the deep dark sheepy undertow that lurks below the surface. Al Barolo serves as a snapshot of a particular point in the season when the ratio of milks is right and the grape harvest is underway. The grape must, left behind by the Barolo winemaking process is pressed into the rind to preserve moisture and to add the flavor of the cheese. The must overwhelms, but in a good way: the effect is sweet and intoxicating to the tongue. Milk used for cheese varies on the season and can be all cow or have sheep or goat mixed in.


8 ratings


a year ago



a year ago

Very good at room temperature. The texture and flavor both suffer when it’s cold. This cheese is good with white or red wine. Pretty mild flavor with grape notes.


2 years ago

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