Ca De Ambros Taleggio is a soft D.O.C. cow's milk Italian cheese, square in shape with a reddish brown washed rind and an off white, slightly yellowish interior. You have to go high up into the mountains to the heart of the Val Taleggio, in the province of Bergamo. Well known for its farmhouse, Taleggio which has produced this cheese for generations, make cheese the old-fashioned way from some of the richest milk to be found. The cheese is then ripened naturally in caves.


18 ratings


24 days ago

The comments here from my fellow LeCheese-heads are pretty spot on for this cheese so I won’t bore you with the details. From a personal point of view, the smooth texture is what got my attention. And you can be sure it’ll get my attention again because I’ll be buying this stuff in the future.


a month ago

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