Cylindrically shaped, without a crust, Sulguni is a mild semi-firm Georgian cheese produced from the milk of cow, buffalo and goat or a mix of these kinds of milk. It evokes a pleasant smell and a moderately salty, sour taste, very typical of a cultured milk product. The texture is dense and elastic with layers, similar to Italian pasta filata cheeses such as mozzarella or bocconcini. The mass has white or yellow colour depending on whether it is smoked or not. Sulguni is available in three variations – fresh, semi-hard and smoked. Used widely in Eastern European and Georgian cuisines, Sulugni's melting quality & delicate flavour makes it a perfect accompaniment to almost any dish. It is eaten simply as a table cheese or added to salads, antipasto, marinades with oil and herbs or any other dish that requires a melting cheese. In fact, it is the perfect pizza cheese!


8 ratings

Possibly my favourite in its category


2 years ago

Best when melted especially in khachapuri.


2 years ago

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