St. Stephen is a beautiful, hand-crafted triple cream that bursts with buttery and milky overtones. A smooth, silky interior made from all natural jersey cow’s milk and fresh jersey cream creates the perfect texture, while the soft, bloomy rind adds an earthy flavor with nutty undertones. St. Stephen will leave you wanting more to share with a friend and a glass of bubbly. This classic cheese works anytime of day – spread it on your toast for breakfast, serve it as an appetizer before dinner or dress it up with some honey or berries for a fancy dessert.


23 ratings


4 months ago

Meh, just sort of salty and buttery with no real flavor. I prefer the Mt Tam and even the Moses Sleeper because they had more flavor and didn’t just taste like salt. Cherry jam improved this because it balanced out the salt. It was still an interesting cheese, definitely worth trying, and I would try it again with different condiments.


5 months ago


6 months ago

You need to like salt. If you do this will be your favorite.

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