Sottocenere is a truffle infused Italian cheese from the northern region of Veneto. Its name meaning "under ash", is derived from the layer of ash that covers the cheese as it ages. It is a very pale yellow to off-white semi-soft cheese that is aged in a coat of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, liquorice, cloves, and fennel and studded throughout with slices of rich, black truffle. Made with raw cow's milk, the cheese is aged in an ash rind to retain the aromatics over a long period of time as well as to evoke the delicate flavours of the cinnamon and nutmeg, amongst others. These exotic cheeses are best appreciated on its own yet if you wish, pair it with a glass of sparkling wine or Italian Barbera.


37 ratings


18 days ago


25 days ago

Amazing flavor, almost garlicky

Christopher Faller

6 months ago

I find truffle overpowering at the best of times. An Old World flavour. So when added to an Old World cheese or flavour, can be too much. But not on this occasion - a fresh flavoured Sottocenere meets an older, musty, truffle. Amazing!

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