Sleightlett is a soft, unpasteurized goat's cheese made by Mary Holbrook on her Sleight Farm, near Timsbury, Somerset. It is a very fresh cheese usually sold at just two or three days old. Mary and her team use very less rennet and the fragile curds are very delicately ladled in the moulds without disturbing its structure. Once they are taken from the moulds, Sleightlett is turned and salted, sprinkled with charcoal ash and left to ripen for the least amount of time just for mould coating to develop. This cheese making process results in an extremely soft, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture with a little bit goaty, lemony and slightly nutty flavours on the palate. The ash coating can make it look quite sooty, but once cut, the paste is a stunning white.


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24 days ago

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