Saga is a family of cheeses produced by Arla Foods of Denmark. These include Classic Blue Brie, Crumbled Blue, Crumbled Blue with Cranberry, Danish Style Blue, Camembert and Creamy Brie. Saga Blue Brie is a cross between blue cheese and brie. It has got the best of both cheeses - creaminess and white-mould rind of classic brie and the gentle blue veins. However, the triple-cream, soft-ripened cheese is very mild compared to other varieties of blue cheeses. Saga is an excellent dessert cheese that should be served with fruit and wine. It also works great in salads or as a snack on a cracker.


7 ratings

Delicious, I have always been a big fan of Brie & it's smooth, creamy deliciousness. I've only recently delved into the world of blue cheeses, this is a great starter blue cheese. It's very mild in flavor, and both the texture and odor are non offensive.

Oliver Carfax

2 years ago

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