Royalp Tilsit or Swiss Tilsit is a light yellow semi-hard smear-ripened cheese made from unpasteurised/pasteurised cow milk. The pasteurised version is mild in flavour whereas the one made from fresh, unpasteurised milk is more strongly flavoured (called Farmhouse Tilsit). It is aged for about 5 months, which makes it a very strong smelling cheese comparable to a Limburger. The third version is made from pasteurised milk with added cream. Tilsit displays a brownish-orange washed rind with a springy elastic semi-firm texture that is ideal for slicing. It is moist and creamy with spicy undertones. This cheese has a piquant flavour which makes it a perfect table cheese. It can be used in salads, added to sauces or melted over baked dishes. There are various producers around the world who make Tilsit under their brand’s name. This includes the one made on Heidi farms in Tasmania, Australia, called as 'Heidi Tilsit'. Though the cheese was called as Royalp Tilsit or Tilsiter in Switzerland during olden days, it is now simply referred to as Tilsiter or just Tilsit. Outside of Switzerland it is known by different names depending upon where it is produced. It is called as Havarti Tilsit in Denmark, and Tilsiter or Tollenser in Germany.


5 ratings

S. Gokal

2 years ago

Jessie Conway

2 years ago

Bought it in a market in Château-du-Loir. It is very strong for a hard cheese, it has a sharp and slightly nutty taste. The one I got was just called tilsit and there were little to no holes. I would definitely buy it again!

David Weaver

3 years ago

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