Roomano is similar to an aged Gouda, but is technically from the cheese family 'Proosdy'. These have lower butterfat than the required 48% for Gouda (this one has 45%) and their edges are noticeably sharper. This cheese defines the term 'flavor-dense.' Made of pasteurized cow's milk and aged up to 4 years, Roomano has an intense flavor of sweet-salty butterscotch. The granite paste is peppered with white flecks - calcium lactate crystals that form during extended aging - lending an assertive crunch. You'll need a heavy knife (and perhaps some protective goggles) to breach this rewarding fortress of cheese, and a nice brown ale to wash it down.


12 ratings


2 months ago

Kevin Lowry

2 months ago

This is probably the best cheese I’ve ever had. Parmeseany with crystals and slight funk


3 months ago

Looks like something my dog shit out drank and then threw up and then was left outside for 69 hours

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