Requeijão, also called as Requesón, is a Latin cheese that is produced in Portugal and Brazil. It is made by adding 10% milk to whey, a residue left from cheese production. The mixture is then heated, skimmed, placed in wicker baskets and later drained. Since, the process is similar to making of a Ricotta; the cheese is often described as the Hispanic version of Ricotta cheese. Requeijão is a very creamy, spreadable, yellowish-white and lumpy cheese that has to be consumed fresh. Its consistency can vary from solid to creamy with a characteristic strong and salty taste. However, the Brazilian version may be slightly mild and creamier. Since the cheese is low in fat and high on protein, it is perfect for health conscious people. Amplify the flavour of dishes like salads, pasta, enchiladas and desserts with Requeijão.


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