Quadrello di Bufala is a water buffalo milk cheese produced by the Caseficio Quattro Portoni Company in the Lombardy region of Italy. Made from pasteurised milk, Quadrello di Bufala is a washed-rind cheese high in fat and protein. It shares several attributes with Taleggio or Brescianella Stagionata, except that it is made from the milk of water buffalo. The texture of Quadrello is deliciously creamy, sticky and elastic with small holes and softness near the crust. Its semi-soft paste is straw yellow in colour, while the pale orange rind is dotted with occasional white mould and deep incisions that occur because of drying on straw mats. The flavours are sweet and grassy with aromas of earth, mushroom and strong pungency. Quadrello di Bufala pairs well with Riesling, Cider, Farmhouse Ales and Malbec.


46 ratings


a month ago

Its a nice mid soft cheese, has a bit of a bitter kick. Not very creamy, goes well with baguette crisps.


a month ago

Carolyn C

4 months ago

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