Mike Gingrich in the southwestern green hills of Wisconsin produces Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Modelled on the likes of Gruyere and Beaufort, this cheese is made from unpasteurised cow's milk. Similar to all other Alpine cheeses, Uplands make this cheese only from May through October when the cows graze on fresh pasture. Pleasant Ridge Reserve offers a creamy, nutty, and deeply flavoured milky finish that comes from the use of grass-fed milk. The texture is semi-firm and its dense taste becomes more delightful with dry Champagnes and fine Chardonnays. As the cheese ages, the handcrafted cheese becomes more complex and concentrated. A small batch of the cheese is aged for over a year and sold as "Extra Aged" only in the fall and early winter. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is America's most-awarded cheese having won major, national cheese competitions.


83 ratings


12 days ago

Wildly overrated. Decent taste but bland and boring.


3 months ago

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