This famous and soft washed-rind cheese is produced in the east of France and originated in a monastery. It was created by Benedictine monks who settled in Fecht Valley in Lorraine, where it is also called “Géromé” after the town where it was sold. It is also produced and matured in Alsace. Munster is made from cows’ milk and considered to be a strong cheese, but this is mainly true of its smell, as it is relatively mild on the palate. Prior to gracing the consumer’s plate, this quality cheese is ripened in a damp cellar where its rind is regularly washed. It is protected by two French PDO systems: “Appellation of Controlled Origin” (AOC) since 1969, and “Appellation of Protected Origin” (AOP) since 1996. Although Munster will take pride of place on any cheeseboard, it is also a great addition to quiches, omelettes and pies. It can be flavoured with cumin seeds, and comes in 2 sizes: Munster and Petit Munster.


16 ratings


15 days ago

This is amazing if you cut the (funky) rind off.


21 days ago

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