Pannerone is a soft cheese produced in Italy. The name is derived from the word 'Panera' that means 'cream' in Italian. It is one of the creamiest cheeses available and contains a very high fat content. The cheese is made with additional cream and milk fat added to unpasteurised cow's milk. Pannerone is aged for 3 months in a moisture-contained room. Upon ripening, it develops an off-white colour and a natural ash casing to protect it from too much moisture in the air.The cheese tastes smooth with undertones of bitterness. It has a slightly grainy texture and a sweet aftertaste. Once cut, it lasts for 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Pannerone is excellent as a table cheese and taste well with fresh fruit.


1 ratings


3 years ago

Buttery flavor with a bitter aftertaste. It took a bit to get used the combination of taste and texture, but it is very interesting and goes well with wine, meat or just on its own. Was also nice melted in an omelette.

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