Made by von Trapp Farmstead and matured by Cellars at Jasper Hill, Oma is a washed-rind, tomme-style cheese made from pasteurized, organic Jersey milk (formerly unpasteurized). Oma has soft but never runny paste with a balance of pungent and sweet flavours. It smells of roasted nuts, cured meat and chocolate with undertones of rich cream. The thin, orange rind provides an earthy contrast to the richness of the creamy interior.Oma balanced flavour profile make it a perfect choice on a cheeseboard. Belgian-style dubbel ale, Grüner Veltliner and buttery crackers and fig jam or dried fruit make great accompaniments to the cheese.


30 ratings

Briney taste and feel. Firmer than it looks. Thickish rind adds to the experience. Excellent alone on on a board. Paired this with an apricot jam, wasn’t the best idea.

Caitlin Kelley

2 months ago

This cheese is top of my list. I could eat this all day and never get sick of it

Peter Milano

2 months ago

Creamy but not overly buttery or funky. Good but nothing that stands out about it

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