Olde York is a fresh, pasteurised ewe's milk cheese made by the Shepherds Purse Company in Thirsk, England. It is soft white cheese of round shape with a fresh, crisp and creamy taste.  Refreshing on the palate, Olde York is very similar to feta, but more moist and wet. The texture is sliceable when removed from the fridge and spreadable if allowed to warm at room temperature. Vegetarians can confidently consume this cheese.Since, the cheese is made from ewe's milk; it has a sweet flavour and aroma with a high percentage of acid. The period of ripening is from 10 - 22 days and the content of fat is about 45 per cent. A Judy Bell invention, Olde York has won many prizes including "100% Sheeps Milk" - Gold at 2012 Global Cheese Awards. This cheese is used for grilling, cooking and it is delicious on baked potatoes.

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