Twig Farm Old Goat is a raw goat's milk farmstead cheese made by Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman at their farm in West Cornwall, Vermont. It is a matured and a much larger version of the Goat Tomme. While the Tomme is aged for 3 months and weighs about 2 lbs, Old Goat is aged for nearly a year and weighs 5 to 10 lbs. The difference is size and ripening period, gives it a distinct character in terms of texture, appearance and flavour.Old Goat is a firm, ivory coloured cheese with a light brown rind covered in white moulds. It has a smooth texture that can be slightly crumbly and sometimes flaky. Flavours are sweet, nutty, caramel with a touch of salt. Only favourite localvores at the Middlebury Farmer's Market are allowed to sell this cheese. Sometimes, Twig Farm turn some of the Old Goats into a year-old subtle blue cheese called Blue Goats.

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