Mt Tam is a soft, triple-cream cheese made with pasteurized cow's milk, produced by Cowgirl Creamery, based in Marin County, California, United States. The cheese is a combination of organic milk and cream. Mt Tam is smooth, creamy and soft on the tongue and melts in the mouth instantly. This smooth and dense textured cheese is rich and buttery with hints of mushrooms, grass and hay. The cheese pairs well with a Champagne or a Sancerre.


119 ratings


4 days ago

this cheese is sooo interesting because it seems firm at first but then you spread it on baguette and it literally tastes like just super good butter, in a really good way


a month ago

Might’ve had this cheese past its prime, bit it’s quite bitter. Creamy, yes, but bitter so doesn’t pair well with crackers/sweet jams etc.


a month ago

Like some of the comments below, I’m wondering if mine is also a bit past the prime or if it’s always this bitter. But mine is bitter enough that I am struggling to enjoy it. Happy to have had the opportunity to try it, though.

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