Queso Chihuahua or Chihuahua cheese is a Mexican semi-soft cheese made from pasteurised or raw cow’s milk. The cheese is also called Queso menonita and Campresino Menonita after the Mennonite communities of Northern Mexico. Campresino refers to the compression procedure used to produce this cheese, similar to cheddar. Chihuahua cheese has a semi-firm texture and is pale yellow in colour unlike many other white Mexican cheeses. A mild, buttery taste with a nearly cheddar like sharpness is a characteristic of this cheese. The flavour is very similar to that of a mild, white cheddar or Monterey Jack. As it is a good melting cheese, the richness and suppleness of Chihuahua cheese is preferred in baking dishes, fondues, pizza, and lasagna or casserole dishes.


4 ratings


4 months ago

Not great cold and alone. Best melted in quesadillas or other dishes.

Cheese Punk

a year ago

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