Lincolnshire Poacher is an award-winning handmade cheese produced on a dairy farm nestling on the eastern edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. It is made in a way that is similar to traditional West Country Cheddar using unpasteurised cow’s milk. The cheese was invented by Simon Jones from Lincolnshire, who decided to turn the spring milk from his herd of Holsteins into cheese. Traditional Lincolnshire Poacher is available in a cylindrical shape, coated by a rind appearing similar to granite. It is a slow-maturing cheese that takes between 12-24 months to develop a golden, straw-coloured yellow pate and spotted brown and gray colour rind. One gets daily and seasonal variation in terms of both flavour and texture but all-in-all the cheese has both cheddar and gruyere-like qualities. It has a smooth texture and a strong taste. In summer, notes of pineapple, toasted nuts and grassy dominate the flavour profile while in winter the taste becomes savory and almost meaty. Lincolnshire Poacher pairs well with full bodied reds and whites and beer. The company makes many other traditional cheeses such as Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher aged for 18 to 22 months, Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher, Double Barrel and Lincolnshire Red which is made using vegetarian rennet.


40 ratings


4 months ago

Cheddar-like, with some sweetness.


a year ago

Wendy Mast

a year ago

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