Langres is a French cow’s milk cheese that originated from the plateau of Langres in the region of the Champagne Ardenne, France. Since 1919, the cheese has been granted AOC designation. Surrounded by a white penicillium candidum rind, the central pate is a bit soft and crumbly, and appears creamy in colour. It is milder than Epoisses, but slightly salty with strong smell. The firm pate melts in the mouth, leaving a complex taste. After 5 weeks of maturation, it is consumed between May and August but it also tastes excellent from March through December. It looks great on the cheeseboard, and goes well with a salad, Red Wine from Burgundy, Marc de Bourgogne or Champagne. Tesco Finest Langres 180g, produced by Rians has won silver award at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.


79 ratings


a month ago

Aäron Maes

a month ago

Absolute winner. Not a cheese you haven't tasted before but for sure one of the best in its genre. Creamy on the outside, but the firm inside doesn't seem to taste less strong, which is my frustration with a lot of cheeses. I will now let it melt in the bags of my bycicle and drink it for lunch tomorrow. Something to look forward to.


2 months ago

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