Laguiole, also called Tome de Laguiole is a French unpasteurised, hard cheese of cylindrical shape made from cow's milk. It derives its name from the village of Laguiole on the plateau of Aubrac, situated in the region of Aveyron in the southern part of France. Laguiole was first made at a monastery in the mountains of Aubrac, situated in Massif Central. But production reached its peak at the beginning of 20th century, when the monks transferred the recipe to the 'buronniers'. It has been protected by the AOC seal since 1961. Affinage takes at least four months and the temperature of affinage and conservation must be below 140C.Laguiole has a thick, greyish-orange and natural rind beneath which lies a straw-coloured supple and firm pate. The rich and creamy texture of the pate right away melts away in the mouth unveiling a sharp and yet slightly sour flavour. An aromatic cheese, Laguiole is great as a table cheese and one of the principal ingredients in Aligot – a traditional mashed potato French dish.


12 ratings


2 months ago

Creamy texture, big tang

Robert Molina

8 months ago

Creamy, tangy, soft


9 months ago

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