L’Etivaz is produced only in summer in the pristine pastures of the Pays d’Enhaut, in the canton of Vaud, a region at 3000-4800 feet in the Western Swiss mountains. L‘Etivaz was the first Swiss cheese to gain its AOP in 2000. It originated in the 1930‘s when Gruyère cheese makers were concerned about their traditional cheesemaking. Every year, Gourmino visits the caves of the L’Etivaz Cooperative and tastes the L’Etivaz wheels from the different Alps. We makes a selection and reservation on the cheeses that fullfill our needs – we look for a particular taste profile that is authentic for the L’Etivaz. These wheels selected deliver light caramel and alpine flower notes, balanced with notes of savory broth and leeks. It exemplifies proper salinity and consistency that we want to offer for our customers. L'Etivaz AOP has to be made in a copper kettle on an open wood fire in this region! It is made completely by hand. In 2014 Frédéric Rosats L'Etivaz AOP was designasted the best L'Etivaz AOP at the Swiss Cheese Awards. This success reflects his passion in the craft of cheesemaking.


36 ratings


16 days ago

Lovely little pineapple finish to this great cheese.


a month ago

Dry and hard. Really like - maybe a little saltier more crystal-y


10 months ago

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