Innes Log is an artisanal unpasteurized goat's cheese handcrafted at Highfields Farm Dairy using time-honoured traditional craft methods. Prepared by Stella Bennett and her son Joe on a small, independent farm, Innes Button has received many awards at the British Cheese Awards in 1994 and 2002. Made using traditional animal rennet, Innes Log is a white Penicillium candidum-rinded cheese that is coated in ash when it is very young, giving it its characteristic grey colour. The use of salted ash beneath a layer of white rind creates an uneven, grey circumference when sliced. Flavour-wise, penicillium imparts a warmer and savoury flavour to the cheese balanced by the subtle and stimulating lactic tang of the yoghurty curds. The texture is usually quite dense and creamy with a more liquid breakdown under the rind.

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