In French, the name says it all--with a title that translates roughly to “ashed oval,” this unique cheese stands out among its chèvre counterparts for its eye-catching appearance and the historic caves from where it hails. Hervé Mons, the legendary French affineur, oversees the aging of this delicate round in the Mons Caves just outside Lyon, France, where this wrinkled, football-shaped cheese emerges as a fully formed goat cheese creation covered in vegetable ash. Underneath the charcoal colored rind lays an intensely silky creamline, which encases its dense, velvety center, creating a trio of textures that make for one luxurious mouthfeel. Bright and lemony with a quintessential lactic tang, this oval has a savory complexity that melts into notes of mushroom and fresh hay.


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2 months ago


8 months ago


8 months ago

UBER CREAMY. Vegetable ash adds nice flavor and center is white, it wasn’t gooey when cold but likely gets there when warm. Very tasty!

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