Harlech Truckle or simply Harlech is mature mild Welsh cheddar made using pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian rennet with chopped horseradish and parsley blended in for that extra "bite". The cheese is then coated in a distinctive bright orange coloured wax. It is named after the famous Welsh Warriors of the Middle Ages. The texture of Harlech is smooth and creamy with a peppery, fresh and zingy flavour of horseradish and parsley. Produced by The Abergavenny Fine Food Co of Gwent, Harlech is a great accompaniment to any cheeseboard and all dishes that include cheese. Serve this unique cheese with egg omelet, sandwiches or enjoy it with apples and crusty bread. It pairs well with beer, Burgundy, Zinfandel and hearty ale.


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2 years ago

Cheyanne Acebo

3 years ago

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