Originating in the French region of Val-de-Marne, Grand Vatel is a popular triple-cream cheese made from cow's milk. Grand Vatel is also known as Boursault and Délice de Saint-Cyr. The cheese invented in 1953 by Henri Boursault has a very high fat content which lends it a melt-in-the-mouth, creamy soft consistency. With fat percent tipping the scales at nearly 75%, the ultra rich buttery taste and very creamy texture of Grand Vatel makes it a favorite dessert cheese. The cheese has a thin, bloomy rind due to a coating of light penicillin mold. Aging of Grand Vatel takes about two months with one more month in packaging. As the cheese ages, it acquires a mushroomy and a refreshing citrusy taste. The cheese sold in small cylinder shaped rounds should be consumed within a week of purchase. Try pairing this cheese with grapes or pears and light, fruity wines like Vouvray.

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