Fox Hill Gouda is a firm and compact textured but slightly elastic cheese from Fox Hill Cheese House, a fromagerie producing dairy products from its own herd of Holstein and Jersey cows. It is rindless with cream to light yellow paste, homogeneous with small open "eyes" holes. When young, Gouda is quite mild in flavour, but acquires quite a bit of sharpness as it ages. This semi-hard cheese is almondy and creamy to taste with spicy, herbal notes coming from available variations: medium, aged, cumin, caraway, peppercorn, jalapeno, garlic chives, herb garlic, smoked. Gouda is excellent by itself but tastes delicious with a glass of red wine, fruit or raw vegetables, sandwiches, stuffed pancakes or in au gratin soup.


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a month ago

The jalapeño Gouda is bangin! It cured my depression, found my missing dog, replaced my viagra and got me off heroin! Pairs well with Japanese sweet potato amber beer and cautious optimism.

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