Flor de Guia cheese originated from Gran Canaria, the islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Produced in the Guia and Galdar Heights in the north-western part of these islands, Flor de Guia cheese is made with a mixture of cow's and sheep's milk. It is an artisan cheese, that is, it is completely made by hand. During the process of its making, animal rennet, vegetable curd obtained from the thistle flower is used which makes it different than all the other cheeses produced on the island. Flor de Guia has reddish rind, soft and elastic texture, pale yellow colour and small eyes. It is manufactured in cylindrical but flat shape with round edges. It has a buttery taste and is easily melted. Though it is eaten with no accompanying foods due to its distinguished characteristic flavour, taste and smell, it is sometimes used in a number of stews and vegetable soups.

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