Made by Evansdale Cheese in Waikouaiti, New Zealand, Evansdale Farmhouse Brie was developed by Colin and Evansdale 30 years ago. Their farmhouse brie cheese is always handmade and comes in 1,200 kgs and above. Featuring all the characteristics of classic Brie, Evansdale Farmhouse Brie has a bloomy rind, developed because of white candidum coating. This soft, white and fuzzy rind often exudes flavours of fresh valley mushrooms. The interior of the cheese is firm, smooth, rich and creamy. It can be easily cut into small slices but is best cut into half. A dinner cheese, the brie goes well with either red or white wines. A smoked version of the cheese is also available wherein hot smoke from Manuka chips is used to induce the smoky flavour. This brie exhibits a deep brown candidum mould and a creamy, subtle smoky flavour.

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