Emental Grand Cru, also spelled as Emmental Grand Cru, originates from Switzerland. Its production zone covers the area from Vosges to Savoie via Franche-Comté, where the master cheese makers produce this famous pressed cheese. Emmental Grand Cru swanks the 'Red Label' and the 'IGP' as well. While the 'Red Label' guarantees the quality of ingredients, IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée meaning Protected Geographical Indication) symbolizes a production process that adheres to the traditional method of cheese making which does not allow additives or colouring agents. Emmental Grand Cru is made from raw milk of cows that are fed on the grass from high mountain meadows and on hay which has no ensilage. It is a large cheese with cooked and pressed pâté. It has a sweet aroma and dry, washed and brushed rind. Cheeses stamped as Emmental and Switzerland is considered as authentic cheese. Those labeled as Emmental Grand Cru are made with raw milk whereas regular French Emmental is made from pasteurised milk.


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