Elk Mountain is a raw goat's milk cheese made in the style of a Pyrenees tomme. It is aged for 6-8 months during which its natural rind is rubbed with honey wheat ale to add a new dimension to the flavour of the cheese as well as give a lovely golden colour to the crust. It is a hard, dry cheese set with vegetarian, non-GMO rennet. The ivory-white interior is smooth and dense with occasional holes or slits. It is a hearty cheese with meaty and robust flavours and a sharp nutty finish.The cheese is named after a mountain, located closeby to the farm and also home to a large number of elks. It was selected by Wine Spectator magazine as one of the 100 Great Cheeses. Accompany Champagne, Viognier, Syrah, or a Full-bodied Ale to go with the full-bodied flavours of Elk Mountain.

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