Dreux a la Feuille, also spelt as Feuille de Dreux is a creamy, soft French cheese made from cow’s milk in the Eure-et-Loir area. The cheese is wrapped in chestnut leaves to strengthen its taste and tell apart from similar Brie style cheeses in the region. During the ripening period, the leaves change their colour and texture from firm, forest green to brittle, copper brown colour, in turn imparting the cheese with an earthy flavour. Dreux a la Feuille has a distinguishing mushroomy aroma and full-bodied flavour. It is coated with a bloomy rind of white penicillin mould underneath which lies an uncooked, unpressed, yellow interior that is soft on the palate. The cheese has a fat percentage of around 40% and goes well with a Chinon.

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