Dorstone is an English unpasteurized goat's milk cheese made by Charlie Westhead and Haydn Roberts at Neal Yard's Creamery. It is named after the beautiful village of Dorstone, overlooking the river Wye in Herefordshire. It is a soft, creamy, surface-ripened cheese, curdled using animal rennet. After three days of transferring the curds to the moulds, the cheese is rolled in charcoal powder before being left for 2-3 weeks of ripening.When Dorstone is ready for eating, it has a mousse-like fluffy texture, wrinkled, blue/grey rind scattered with white, downy mould called Geotrichum, lemony-fresh flavour and just a hint of vegetabley-ness. The mouldy rind gives the cheese a savoury, nutty edge to the flavour.


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7 months ago

あっさり、酸味微量 カビの匂いは弱い


8 months ago

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