Croizer Blue is a pasteurised sheep's milk version of famous Cashel Blue, made by Jane and Louis Grubb at their farm at Beechmount, near Fethard, in County Tipperary. Invented in 1993, Crozier Blue is the only blue cheese made from sheep’s milk in Ireland.Croizer Blue is natural-rinded blue cheese made from pasteurised sheep’s milk and vegetarian rennet. Depending on condition, the cheese has a pale white paste, with greyish green mould. The paste is chalkier towards the centre of the cheese. It is very similar to Cashel Blue, but with a slighter whiter paste due to sheep’s milk. The taste is rich, creamy and mild with sweet blue flavour when mature. Young cheeses are crumbly with more acidic flavour. Traditionally made in 1.4kg wheels (or thereabouts) and packaged in silver foil, it is sold from 3 months of age.


3 ratings

Stone Tape

2 months ago

Nick Rowan

8 months ago

A crumbly blue with texture like Stilton Slightly sharp metallic flavour in the mid palate Grainy texture Digestive biscuits, sweet, Sichuan pepper, smoky bacon A bit of animal / cow hide aromas in there too

Iain Begg

3 years ago

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