Cottage Cheese, sometimes known as Baker’s Cheese, is of European origin but is a popular ingredient in Australian cuisine. A type of fresh, unripened cheese, it is mostly made from cow’s milk. Sweet and mild in flavour, Cottage cheese with its high moisture content is a mass of soft, lumpy pea-sized curds.  Since it is high in protein and low on fat, it is considered a healthy cheese by many. This soft, white cheese with a firm and grainy consistency is sold in markets as a paste or block. Cottage cheese tastes great with sweet, savory dishes such as lasagna and cheesecake. The cheese should be used preferably within a week of purchase due to its short shelf life.


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Raymond Winter

a year ago

I personally have a special connection between me and cottage cheese. I remember when I was the dairy isle in Walmart when I stumbled upon what seemed to look like cheese that was very MOIST. I took a look at it and immediately grabbed a container because I love MOIST things. It was a cottage cheese in a cup that had booberries in it. After I bought it and went home, I unpacked the very MOIST cheese and opened the container to eat it. I CONSUMED the very MOIST cottage cheese and I sucked it down my crusty throat, making my throat very wet. After I was done eating I went to the living room to sleep on the couch. But as I was about to fall asleep, I began to feel colder and I noticed that I had become a little more pale. I didn’t think much about this and just thought it was something cottage cheese did to you when you ate it. I fell asleep for about 13.5 hours. When I woke up I saw that my arms and legs where melting! But I wasn’t actually melting, I was turning into cottage cheese! And it wasn’t stopping! My torso soon became cottage cheese followed by my neck and face. I screamed for help but it was too late, I had turned into cottage cheese. I was just a pile of MOIST, warm, chunky, and milky cottage cheese with booberries in it. Now, you may be asking, how am I writing this? The answer is my brother is typing it, so I am NOT a lier! The police are at my house and everyone is super stressed and/or in panic. My dad is even scared and nothing spooks him. Anyways the doctors also came to my house and scooped me up and put me into a special cottage cheese container. I am at the hospital right now and the doctors are trying to find a cure for me so I can be a human again. My family thinks that I am injured but I think it’s just allergies. If anyone knows what this is please contact me, and if you know how to cure me back into a human, that would very much be appreciated. Thanks so much! -Raymond Winter

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