Sure, you've heard of Cambozola. Brie-style pasteurized cow's milk cheese with the barest hint of blue veining - what's not to love? Well, until you've tried the Black Label, you haven't experienced the utmost in creamy blues. How's this one different? Well, for starters, the gray mold on the rind brings another layer of nuance to the flavor profile. A longer ripening time also enhances the taste and texture. A great introduction to blue cheese for those who might be intimidated by some of the more intense specimens on offer - try it with something bubbly and brut.


28 ratings


2 days ago

This is my favorite cheese in the world. This cheese is a perfect balance of creamy and tangy, the texture of Brie with the flavor of Gorgonzola turns this cheese into a warm blanket after a cold day in a rainy and unkind world. This cheese makes me feel like nothing bad can ever happen as long as it’s in my home.


7 days ago

Soft and spreadable.


16 days ago

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