This blue veined cheese from Emmi roth USA is made from freshest raw milk. The curds from the milk are hooped by hand and cured in their cellars for two months. The resulting product has a delicious creamy taste. It also has a hint of a tangy flavour which is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This has won several laurels like Best of class at World cheese championship. Buttermilk blue pairs nicely with gins, martinis, Figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate, honey.


13 ratings


19 days ago

Creamy, mild blue, but still packs a punch!


5 months ago

The blue definitely comes with a punch but also on the mellower and creamier side. It doesn’t last in the mouth for a long time and also isn’t stinky.

Oliver Carfax

6 months ago

Not much blue to this at all. Mostly Just a block of salted milk, like feta. The parts with more blue in them are a dull, standard blue that might be slightly creamy if you close your eyes and imagine.

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