It is our most popular cheese, the best-selling Sardinian fresh sheep cheese in Italy. It is made only from whole sheep milk of Sardinian pastures and it matures in just 20, 25 days. The rind is light yellow, striped, treated on the surface with a preservative that protects it from mould. The paste is cream-coloured, soft, with slight holes. It tastes and smells like milk, it is soft to cut into appetizing slices or cubes. It comes from the Sardinian tradition, but its recipe is our own creation: it is fresh, scented with milk, with a perfect balance between delicacy and flavour thanks to its so short ripening time. Due to its shortness, its maturing requires absolute care and attention. Brigante was born to bring the special flavour of Sardinian sheep cheese to the tables every day and on every occasion. It is perfect for a light meal or a snack, in cuisine it becomes part of a thousand recipes. It gives a special touch to sandwiches, salads or a tasty baked lasagna. By itself it can be a quick and tasty snack or it can give substance to a platter of cheeses and cold cuts at aperitif time.


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a year ago

Very mild flavor with a slight tang. The texture is soft and slightly creamy. Mostly flavors of fresh milk with a touch of buttery saltiness.

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