Made at the ''Farm of rejuvenation'' in Northern France, this brie is the best we've found yet. Mushroomy and fungal, gooey and creamy, you'll get hints of fresh shucked oysters and a tiny bit of iron.


25 ratings

matthew matera

4 months ago

I taste the fresh shucked oysters


4 months ago

i wouldn’t be able to eat a ton of it or have it too often, but i still loved it. it was stinky and extra gooey, melting a funky buttery mineral flavor on my tongue. i can definitely understand the “mushroom” and “oyster” comparisons from the murray’s description. i also tried it with white wine (sauv blanc?) but it brought out the stinkiest flavors in the cheese and washed away all the cream, and i really didn’t like it.

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