Bougon cheese, also known as Bougon Sainte-Maure comes from Poitou-Charentes, a region in south-western France. The cheese is produced using traditional, authentic cheese making process emerged from farms and rural region. Produced by a co-operative of goat-milk producers, Bougon cheese has bloomy rind of Camembert, distinct herbal, acidic and goaty flavour, piquant taste and soft creamy interior. While making the cheese, unpasteurised milk is usually used. Generally pasteurised goat milk is used for the cheeses which are exported. Bougon comes in various shapes. If the cheese is to be sold at the deli counter, it is made in a log shape which makes slicing easier. If the cheese is to be exported, then pasteurised goat milk is used while making the cheese and it is presented in a wooden box. When eaten with slice of country bread with Mediterranean flavours such as garlic bread, sliced tomato, basil and olive oil, Bougon tastes best and when paired with young wine such as Beaujolais or a sparkling Italian wine.

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