Bosworth, also known as Bosworth Leaf or Bosworth Ash Log, is an unpasteurised, vegetarian, semi-soft cheese made from goat's milk. A mold ripened cheese; it has a white, crumbly center that softens towards the gray mold. This mature cheese has a mild, salty-sweet and goaty flavour. The taste is reminiscent of vanilla and butterscotch, with a subtle but distinct, almost almond like finish. As no animal rennet is used, Bosworth is suitable for vegetarians. Bosworth Leaf is sold wrapped in a chestnut leaf whilst Bosworth Ash Log is rolled in salted ash underneath a layer of white rind. Slices of cheese cut off the Ash Log display an uneven, gray circumference with a garnish of rosemary sprig. Bosworth is aged for three weeks and has a fat content of 45 per cent. It should be consumed within 21 days.


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