Blu di Bufala is an Italian blue-veined cheese made with full-fat pasteurized buffalo milk by Quattro Portoni in Bergamo, Italy.It has a square shape and dry and wrinkly rind with an amber grey colour. The texture of the paste ranges from creamy to crumbly with a light cream colour and blue veins spread throughout. The aroma has a milky, acidic note while the flavour is distinct, slightly intense with the sweetness of buffalo's milk.


4 ratings


7 months ago

Smooth, firm buttery texture, slightly sweet; delicate flavour


a year ago

A bit nuttier and less creamy than your traditional blue cheese, although it’s definitely still pungent. I wasn’t a huge fan of it on a cheeseboard but I could see it being good in a fall/winter meat or pasta dish, particularly one that featured a hearty nut (like walnuts)

Lisa Filemyr

2 years ago

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