In January 2019, LeCheese was launched for iOS and Android. Our community started with 0 users and now we have 7,684 registered users. This group of cheese lovers wrote 6,328 reviews and rated 23,163 cheeses so far.

As some of you know, LeCheese is a side project that I maintain during the nights and weekends. For almost three years, I not only invested my time, but also money to pay for the cloud servers and adjacent services. However, I needed to find a way to make it more sustainable.

That's why I'm excited to announce LeCheese PRO. For the price of one cheese a month, you can help support this app and ensure that the community will continue to grow. In exchange, you will receive access to awesome premium-only features such as:

  • Ad-Free Experience: Let's be honest, we all hate ads. Enjoy your cheeses uninterrupted by ads.
  • Exclusive Badge: Everyone will know you're a PRO with this shiny badge added to your profile.
  • Exportable Data: Receive a CSV file with all your cheeses. Use it any way you want.

Sign up now - $4.99/month or $49.99/year (2 month discount).

All proceeds will go to help LeCheese continue to grow and thrive.

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