Bleubry is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk and cream. The rind is fluffy, white, smooth and mushroomy like a Brie or Camembert while the inside is delicate, creamy with a slight salty flavour and a mild relish. The paste is lightly dotted with blue moulds but the taste of the cheese is very mild. Softer than normal blue cheeses, this Alexis de Portneuf version matures in about 2 weeks and has around 37% fat.  The origin of Bleubry is attributed to the Italians who combined Gorgonzola with Mascarpone to make a cake. The temperate flavour with only a hint of pungency is perfect for those who are learning to appreciate blue cheeses.The delicate flavour of the cheese reveals its richness with a good port or red wine, served at room temperature. Bleubry has won innumerous awards including 2014 silver medal at the World Championship Cheese Contest, 2010 bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards and 2010 3rd prize in its category at the British Empire Cheese Show.

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